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get that shot. all right, weather wise, we continue to watch this stubborn system. and also wintry weather across calvert county into virginia. we thought some of this might creep closer to the d.c. area. even that, so far, has not happened. so there you g that is our -- go. that is our setup. with the system impacting the southern tip of the state, where is the action in the action is out here, toward charlotte, north carolina, actually asheville. the snow is coming down here. if you're a nascar fan, you know this spot, bristol, virginia. the wind is picking up, too. how will things shape up into your weekend is the question on
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everyone's mind. some call politicians pitbulls. >> some politicians are facing pitbull owners who want the law changed. dog owners don't like being singled out. >> maryland legislators met for a new session to work out laws in response to the court of appeals ruling on dog attacks, more specifically, pitbull attacks. >> i think it's a pretty good compromise. looks leak most of the interested parties like -- like most of the interested parties like it as well. it's fair to victims, landlords and pet owners. >> reporter: it puts the burden back on the owner to show he is responsible. >> if you're a victim of a dog bite, that you're able to sue
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the owner of the dog. so the owner of the dog is presumed to be responsible oar poor tony's son was viciously mauled by a pit bus. he feels it puts is into the posture that a dog gets one free bite. >> they are pets but if you have to make a choice between the welfare of the human being and the pet, you should be embarrassed if you choose anything other than the human being. if it passes, it can be made into law right away. in annapolis, don harrison. >> for much or on the angles and the way cases involving bites should be handled. just go to there's an interactive breakdown of the science behind dog bites. one of the three major areas
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taking up funding is education. >> and the mayor says baltimore city schools des have thely need the cash to reach the goals. she says in order to educate children, more money is needed. >> heating systems, cooling systems, so we can make sure kids won't miss school when the temperatures rise. we need to make sure we're able to build new schools in neighborhoods that need new schools and we need that funding source. >> in the budget, governor o'malley has already budgeted $346 million. now to the breaking news we brought to you first on good morning maryland. the algerian government is in the middle of an operation to
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free house tajes held in a compound. >> 10 were held but five are safe. the status of the others is unclear. the rescue operation is still far from over. >> reporter: the algerian military as attacked a gas facility where terrorists are holding people including americans. there has been casualties but they won't confirm. >> i think we have to prepare ourselves for the possibility of bad news ahead. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton has been in contact with the algerian prime minister but the white house would not elaborate. >> we are in communication with the algerian government and the president is being regularly updated. >> reporter: the trefts first attacked a bus carrying international workers. the hostages were moved on to
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the compound. defense secretary leon panetta tells abc2 news, the situation has been chaotic. >> americans ought to be assured that we will take all necessary and proper steps to deal with this situation. >> reporter: intelligence officials believe this man is behind the attack, also known as mr. marl bro. the rogue al qaeda leader has made tens of millions in ransoms for kidnapping and smuggling. there are concerns other attacks may be in the works. >> we want to make sure any of our citizens and companies are reviewing their security practices. >> reporter: the state department says it has been in contact with the american hostages family. reporting from los angeles. colorado movie theater where a gunman killed will be reopened today. aurora's mayor said the
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community survey showed overwhelming support for opening the theater. 2,000 tickets were sent to victims and their families but some are boycotting the event. >> the fact that we are being used as pawns by telling the public, well, look, the family members of this massacre came back and it's okay for them to come back. it's going to be okay for you guys, too. >> last month a judge gave james holmes to enter a plea. a law banning adoption of russian children was recently rushed through the government. adoptive parents in the state feel like they will be left in legal limbo. they feel russia is refusing to
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open their children. oprah winfrey has tolds where to find her network but the olympics, well, they requested they want their bronze medal back that he won at the 2000 games. armstrong add mets he used performance enhancing drugs. the woman known as dear abby has died. pauline friedman phillips, who wrote her column as abigail van buren was 94. she died after a long fight with alzheimer's disease. phillips' twin sister ann landers died in 2002. >> have you of ver wanted a single or five from the atm? we'll tell you which banks are rolling out new machines that will give you exactly the amount you're looking for. >> plus, phone calls through
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facebook? there's an app for that. >> and you're looking at penn station. just kidding. this is roanoke, have va -- virginia. we'll have much more straight ahead.
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lots of green today. the dow is up, nasdaq is up and the s&p 500 is up. the days of withdrawing too much cash from the atm could soon be over. that's right. it could be dispensing one and five dollar bills. chase and p.d nc are roling out -- pnc are rolling out new machines. there may be an atm dispensing coins. the machines are free for chase and pnc customers and out of network fees do ally to noncustomers. you can now make free calls on your iphone through the messaging app.
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it allows you to call someone else but you are using your data plan instead of your minutes. your phone won't ring, though if you get a facebook message call. it just shows up as a notification. the maryland food bank needs your help. they're relying on volunteers. the biggest need is for people in groups to 125. that's how many this takes to operate the conveyor belts that sort the food. it's monday through friday between nine and noon and one and four. call 410-737-8282 and we'll get that on the website for you. college football star caught up in a scandal over his girlfriend because she never existed. we have details on this bizarre
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story regarding notre dame's manti te'o. their rule book to live by got lost. we'll, explain how they got their book back. >> it's a bitter blast for baltimore, the. the coldest air in two years could be on its way. if you have high blood pressure and get a cold
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get coricidin hbp. the number one pharmacist recommended cold brand designed for people with high blood pressure. and the only one i use to relieve my cold symptoms without raising my blood pressure. coricidin hbp.
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where is the so-called wintry weather? it's well south. this is radar indicated mixed precipitation. not to say it's completely making it to the ground but perhaps some slightly wintry
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weather on tap. the real action is south of preeing -- fredericksburg. look toward roanoke, areas west of richmond. that's where the true wintry weather is. bristol, virginia, not too far from the nascar track. snow coming done heavy and steady there. in roanoke, virginia, we have quite a bit of snow through the afternoon. continues there this evening. a winter wonder and and areas to the -- wonderland and areas to the south. baltimore right now current conditions, here's what we have. 41 degrees. humidity at 60% and the days continue to get longer. we can't seem to buy any sunshine lately. that will change. look at the numbers, upper 30s. even if we get shower activity it would not be cold enough for
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that to be frozen. if we did get wet snow, it will not stick with the air temps in the low 40s. a lot of the moisture staying to the south. the main system is in the carolinas. dry high pressure as dry air is in the surface. even when we get some, they're evaporating. the most air and cold air is coming together over virginia. this will be over a carolina and tennessee storm. in the weak of the system we'll be in the mid to upper system. a noise recovery, upper 40s both saturday and sunday. soil proved weather for the weekend. speaking of the weekend how about that updated game day forecast in massachusetts. at fox borough temperatures falling through the game, gusts at 335-6789 wind chills down in
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the 20s. that's going to be brutal sunday night. the conditions will be more harsh when you throw in the winds. tonight 29. tomorrow 38. more sunshine, cold are and tomorrow night 27 degrees will be the story. finally getting sunshine back tomorrow afternoon. looks like that will be with us through the weekend. you can see what happens after the weekend. en joy the 40s because the temperatures will be going down, down, down with our arctic blast. no snow, no problems around here. >> we are going to complain about the cold weather. >> here he is, meteorologist mike mass co-- masco. >> we counted four flurries. we're counting them outside. all right. let's talk about the cold. that's going to be important.
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if you go with the old oil heating, top your oil heater off because of how cold the temperatures will get. let's show you where the cold air s this is developing over canada. i know you see 24 below zero, out toward yellow knife, 34 below zero. it's not going to be that cold. this air mass is going due south. all year long they've been going toward the east and heading out toward the north atlantic. this is a pattern change we have been advertising. we think it will get very, very cold. when was the last time we get into the 30s. upper 20s january 29. january 3rd of 2010. it's been a couple of years to three years since we've seen real true arctic air.
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while we'll be in the upper 20s to 30, those will be in the teens around garrett, washington, allegany. we'll talk if we can get some snow to be produced out of the pattern. guys, counting the flurries. >> the latest on the temperatures, download our abc2 weather a. go to and your forecast will never be further than the palm of your hand. you're about to hear a story that has so many questions to it. it's ridiculous. >> it involves one of the best college football players in what was a madeup girlfriend. >> reporter: it's a bizarre hoax that's getting more and more complicated. we watched as notre dame's
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player manti te'o played through the loss of his girlfriend from leukemia. turns out that girlfriend was a fabrication -- the story a lie, reportedly perpetrated by an acquaintance of te'o. to realize i was the victim of someone's sick joke and constant lies was and is painful and humiliating. >> he looked up the mort rather ri, funeral homes. >> reporter: and they are convinced of te'o's innocence. >> why would swn go through great lengths. >> reporter: but he does have spores and notre dame is in his corner. >> this was a very elaborate, very sophisticated hoax. >> i believe that manti te'o was duped. >> we know manti and we know he
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would not do that. >> reporter: now the man behind the documentary show catfish, wants to help. i know how you feel. it a and to me. let's talk. officials at notre dame said they launched their investigation when they found out about the hoax months ago. it's unclear why the school and manti te'o waited so long to reveal the truth. for years the orioles had a revolving door of managers and general managers. d'angelo's family signed both buck showalter and van decamp to five-year deals. >> same way i felt on my first day. i have the opportunity to spend more time in baltimore. >> buck will become the second
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longest manager behind earl weaver when this game is done. >> the o's season gets kicked off on saturday. it will run from 11 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening. we'll receive current and former players and individual game tickets will also go on sale saturday at the convention center at orioles park. coming up at 6:00, should reachers be rewarded for keeping problem students in the classroom? we'll explain this controversial program where not suspending students could be a factor. >> flu season is in full swing, but it's also prime-time to catch a cold. how do you know which one you have. abc2 is working with you. we'll have those stories and a whole lot more coming your way at 6:00.
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you've probably spent rule book making its rounds on the internet. >> after days, best friends and authors, isabelle and isabella were reunited. they put 157 rules down on paper. just as isabellely rote 158, the pen exploded. the girls were inspired to write down their rules after finding an empty notebook. >> i said why don't we put the rules in here and the one who breaks it has to sit at the door for five minutes. >> some of the rules -- no steaming and don't bite the
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dentist. the girls are happy to be reunited with their rule book. a local medical center is offering free flu vaccine clinics. >> we have the details on that on abc2 news at 6 which starts right now. how about this. should teachers get bonuses for not suspending problem students. why one group has a serious problem with it. >> you don't feel well. is it the cold or the dreaded flu? tonight we're breaking down the difference in the symptoms. >> a plan to cut down the number of suspensions is good. it means students are acting better, right? >> not necessarily. roosevelt leftwich joins us. it doesn't sound like y

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